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A Wisp's Wisdom

Narrative Puzzle Game

I created a Narrative Design Document for A Wisp's Wisdom and

continued to work on the Game's Design. After I had the core Idea together I made sure to put together Concept art and the core mechanic in Programming C#.

Intro: Game Narrative & Design Overview.

                “A Wisps Wisdom” is a 1st & 3rd Person Puzzle game on PC, later exported to Consoles. Through the Wisps knowledge of what happened to the world and the visually beautiful environment, it has the beauty of “Ori and the Blind Forest” combined with the simplicity of “Monument Valley”. We follow the narrative of this world piece by piece. The game’s world connects with the players as they unravel the narrative by changing various aspects within the world's different times.

                This may sound similar to any other puzzle game, but what makes this game special is that it presents multiple simultaneous scenes which can be manipulated and affect one another. By altering elements within one of the scenes, you will affect parts of the world of the other scene. The different scenes represent different times, such as the past and destroyed future. The players can jump between the scenes at any time, and the changes between the scenes affect them. If you plant a tree in the past, it will be grown in the future. Hurting someone in the past, may not help you anymore in the future.

Emotional Perspective & Design

                You’re lost in an unknown environment, however it feels familiar. The game is a “Who am I?” and you are trying to find a meaning and/or place in this world. Throughout the game you are trying to fix the world and prevent the direction the world is heading towards. As the world is brutal, yet quiet and lonely, you befriend a Wisp, who continually helps you on your journey. This will create a bond between you and the Wisp, especially as you find out that....

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