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Jeffrey D. Lay | ABOUT ME

Game Designer  | Level Designer | Environment Artist |  |  Producer

I was born and raised in Switzerland, where I attended boarding school for a focused education, the International Baccalaureate which I achieved with Honors.


After my IB I moved to New York where I completed a 1 year hands-on intensive program for Filmmaking.

I graduated with an AFA in Game Design and decided to go back to pursue my BFA which will be completed in January, 2019.

I'm creative, organized and good with communication.
I listen and follow instructions, and I am great at giving them.
I am easy to get along with, more so I consider myself a Leader in any situation,
and I'm a fast learner.


I focus on Environmental Design, at the same time I do Project Tracking and organization. I follow up and manage work to make sure we stay on schedule.

When working on Level Design, I love the fine details that make the world
feel more realistic, even when its a Low Poly world.

Including to Level Design, I do Lighting, Post Processing, some game Optimization and program basic game features in C#.

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