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Vintage Spy (WT)

Narrative Puzzle Game

New London, 1973

Germany & Britain continue to send spies to sabotage one another.

Your informant has some information on a potential spy, break into the spies apartment and puzzle your way through to gain the Intel you need.


I started this Project to get into more depth about designing puzzle games.

Exploring the flow of the puzzles in a small environment, such as an apartment.


Puzzle Design Notes (Rough Draft)

  • Young Mage, Today you start your journey in a Battle arena that will allow you to use..."
    ...attack spells long forgotten with the help of the masterfully crafted wands spread throughout these arenas by the great wizard Cosmonius. Use this elemental wands to control the elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, light, and light to prove you are the superior mage in a battle for the ages to remember. Take my warning and my consul, the others you will face may have once been your friends and you might not want to take their lives but you should look past petty human connections and focus on the prize. ​ Cosmonius thought of all when it came to the grand battle that would decide who is worthy of inheriting his grand power, and to do so he casted a couple of spells. First off is the Inmortalitatis spell, this covers arena in a immortality field so even if you take someone's life they will come back to life in the spawn points, this in exchange for a miniscule part of their memories of the world outside the arena. And in order to help you in your fight for greed, the Aspectu spell will be cast on you as you enter the arena. This will improve your sight by giving you a view of yourself from the sight of a bird flying atop you. This top down view will aid you in being more aware of your surroundings as well as reaction time. ​ So fight, Fight for the glory to come, succeed over the rest, and always remember to look out for number one.
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